Diet Breakdowns

As RDs, we believe in lifestyle changes, not diets.  Diets are temporary changes, while lifestyle changes consist of adopting healthy habits that will promote long “Diet Breakdowns”

Meal Planning

Healthy decisions start at home (not at the grocery store).  Healthy eating starts with choosing the right ingredients. It is much easier to make a “Meal Planning”


With Fad Free, our goal is to inspire you to develop eating habits that area approachable, healthy and exciting, whether you are cooking for yourself, “Recipes”


Some of our favorite kitchen gadgets: Food Scale  Spiralizer Mandolin Measuring cups/spoons Food prep containers Knives Thermometer Milk Frother Oven Mits Tongs Lemon Juicer Microplane “Shop”

What Are You Waiting For?

We would love to work with you!

Seasonal Adaptability

The Fad Free team individualizes clients lifestyle change plans.  They are unique and individualized as each client. We take seasonal availability of food into account “Seasonal Adaptability”

Nutritional Education

That’s what differentiates the Fad Free team.  Without the basic understanding of nutrition, living your best fad free lifestyle is impossible.   The basis of good “Nutritional Education”